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Ms. Ann & the making of Caughman Enterprises LLC

Ms. Ann Caughman photo 1ANN CAUGHMAN was raised in the Bronx, New York and moved to Jacksonville FL in 1998. By the age of 16, she was assisting her family, friends and local churches with their bookkeeping and taxes. Ms. Ann, as she is called, was good at making money but soon realized that she was not financially independent. Over the next decade, Ms. Ann, gleaned from the experts in various industries which included banking, accounting, retirement pensions, real estate, residential mortgages as well as some time in the stock markets and investments, owning her own companies in several of these areas and helping others establish theirs. She began to study the wealthy and what they knew. Ms. Ann Caughman photo 2She came to know that those that had lasting money had a different mindset than those that did not. With this knowledge, Ms. Ann has unlocked the door to wealth and financial independence. Her goal is to make sure that those from similar communities and those that want financial independence have access to this knowledge. As an Author, Financial Educator, Business Strategist and Tax Professional, she is willing to share all that she knows to get you to your next level. Caughman Enterprises LLC was birthed as a full-service financial consulting firm providing the knowledge and tools that you need to accomplish your personal, business and ministry desires. Our mission is to assist, equip and build up companies, creating the wealth required to transform desolate and under-served places into stable and flourishing communities.

Ms. Ann’s personal passion is to see YOU smile when your goals and dreams come true. She believes in priorities: God, Family, Business.

And yes, we are bonded, licensed, and insured.

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